Tobi Ogundipe

Tobi Ogundipe is a first year MBA student focusing on Technology and Entrepreneurship. Tobi received an undergraduate degree in Music Industry and Marketing from the University of Southern California and spent the next six years managing conversations between brand and consumer in advertising, retail, non-profit, and consumer packaged goods. In the midst of managing those conversations, Tobi turned around a bottom-performing retail team into new-hire trainers at Target; launched a food non-profit that fed disadvantaged youths in Los Angeles; found her inner child in the world of toys as a market researcher for Mattel; and helped a Colorado micro-winery find their digital footing to move their product distribution online.

Needless to say, she has a knack for optimizing relationships, whether they be between brand and consumer or manager and employee. As such, she hopes to bring her consumer knowledge and insights to the ZLCF Consumer Team to source, cultivate, and fund innovative companies using technology as a vehicle to optimize the consumer experience.

In her downtime Tobi enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, jamming with the Risky Business Ross MBA band, and making unsuccessful plans to go to the gym.