Florence Noel

"Florence Noel (widely known as Flo) is an dual degree MBA student focusing on Entrepreneurship and Strategy at Ross and Human Computer Interaction and Social Computing at the School of Information. Florence received her an undergraduate degree from Duke University before spending nearly 10 years in the education and technology non-profit space. In her non-profit work, she has brought technology training and equipment to over 10,000 families, introduced over 1,500 girls to computer science education, and managed partnerships with over 80 top technology firms and 200 public schools. An artist at heart, she has a passion for creating and sees entrepreneurship and technology as perfect areas of focus. She looks forward to bringing her staff and client management, business planning and scaling experience to the ZLCF Tech Team. When she is not doing the above activities, she is also a investor on the Founders Fund and moonlights as Band Director for the Ross’s Risky Business Band.