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Students participating in the ZL Fund join one of four teams with an industry-focused investment: Health Care Fund, Consumer Fund, CleanTech Fund and the Technology Fund. The teams are managed like small venture capital funds with responsibilities assigned to each of the team members who serve as partners.

The Zell Lurie Commercialization Fund experience is designed to teach students about the commercialization and venture investing process and about developing an efficient process for assessing the promise of early stage commercialization opportunities.

We look to our Fellows to make the Investment Decisions.

Our fellows perform the entire VC workflow from deal sourcing, due diligence, and make the final investment recommendation to the Advisory Board.

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Where we Invest

Our fund sources deals via four teams; Consumer, Healthcare, Cleantech, and Technology

While we have developed expertise in these areas, we are open to considering companies in any industry, so long as they meet our investing criteria.

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We're a team with Diverse Backgrounds

We're Focused on Kickstarting the Best Michigan Start-ups

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Students are selected for the program by existing student members of the Fund and the managing director. The application process consists of the submission of a personal written statement and resume. The Fund encourages students with diverse backgrounds to apply, including those with technical, finance, legal, and/or start-up experience. Individuals who are selected attend regularly scheduled weekly meetings in addition to the time spent evaluating opportunities outside of class and receive course credit for their work with the Fund.

Fall 2017 Application Process

Applications for 2017-18 are now open

This fall, the Fund will recruit new first-year MBA students for all the four teams. Applicants should demonstrate a strong interest in entrepreneurship and or commercialization and have the relevant academic or work experience for the team for which student is applying. Students should have excellent interpersonal and analytical skills. If an invitation to join the Fund is extended, students should understand that they will be committing the level of effort required for a very rigorous course. Because of the time commitment required, a strong desire to participate and to see the Fund be successful is necessary.

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